We live outside Ribe in the southern part of Denmark and our home and life is  filled with poodles. For many years we have been farmers, but now we have retired and spend all our time with our poodles.

We had our first registred poodle in 1983 and our first litter in 1986. From this very first litter was Warming Black Alberta - the most successfull miniature female ever in Denmark - international multi-BIS-winner and BIS-winner at international shows in Denmark (with more than 3000 entries). Alberta and her litter sister are the foundation bitches of the kennel.

In 1990 our fantastic brown male Warming Brown Junior was born - and what a personality. He is among the two most winning males ever in Denmark and he is the foundation of all our browns.

We search to keep the special Warming type and quality  and we are very proud when judges say (and show), that they can pick out Warming miniatures at shows no matter where and no matter who handles them.

In 2002 Kennel Warming won Studdog Dog of the Year (all breeds) in the Danish Kennel Club, and received the Danish Kennel Club mark of honour for many years of excellent breeding - the only Danish poodle breeder ever to have achieved this.

Our breeding principles:

Most important to us throughout the years has been breeding typey, healthy, well tempered and beautiful puppies. We have always been very selective in our search for studdogs, which means that we have never gone for champion-titles or trendy prefixes more for health and pedigrees that have proved their quality for generations. Our lines are pure black and brown - we believe in keeping the colours clean. We specialise in miniatures as we do not believe that you can do serious breeding and improve the breed if you spread out in sizes and colours.

Breeders have a huge responsability in keeping the breed sound and healthy and in improvement of the breed generation by generation, and we owe it to the buyers of the puppies that we are completely honest and do not hide anything. That is why we never keep quiet about any faults, the dogs may have - if we discover faults in one of our dogs we stop using it in breeding and we inform the owners of the offspring. We do not pretend, that we only have Normal/clear dogs, so we also publish our prcd-PRA carriers.
All our dogs used in the breeding are prcd-PRA tested and have been for years. They are also eye examined every second year. This is very important to us, since there is more than one form of PRA and since there are other eye-deseases than prcd-PRA. All our dogs are pat.lux.tested and free.
Of course we do not breed on faults such as epilepsy, lack of teeth or bad temperament.

All our dogs live with us in the house and the puppies are there too to make sure that they are used to both humans and other dogs. It is a plesure to see 5-6 weeks puppies playing in the garden with the older dogs - that really gives them self-confidence.

At shows we do not change the colour of our dogs to make them look more brown or black than they really are, and we do not ad hair in the top knot to make it look as if the dogs have more coat than they actually have.
We do not drug the dogs in order to hide a bad temperament and to make the dogs move better. A bad tempered poodle should not be shown at all - and should not be used in the breeding.
In other words: What you see is what you get when you meet a Warming poodle!

The Warming family:
Birthe Warming

She is in charge of the breeding programe, the breeding and the puppies.

She takes care of the dogs at home (all the dogs live with the family in the house)

She washes all the dogs and clips the dogs that are not in show trim.

Important to Birthe is to feed the dogs with the very best food. Thatīs why she feeds them according to the Biological Appropriate Raw Feeding principles (BARF) - making the food as similar to the food the dogs would eat in the wild as possible.

Another important item is keeping the coats and Birthe uses the products from Dog Stuff in Norway.

Birthe never compromises when it comes to health and she is a bottomless well when it comes to knowledge about poodles.

Birthe does not like handling, but there are a few of the dogs who only want to be handled by her such as Warming Black Oscar and Warming Brown Zulu.

Leif Warming

He helps Birthe washing the showdogs and he does the clipping of the showdogs.

He has a fantastic ability of clipping a dog to its advantage - no two dogs are to be clipped the same way.

He prepares all the dogs for the show ring.

He does most of the handling of the dogs at shows.

He helps Birthe picking out the show dogs.